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Custom Email gives you an email address to contact your clients, partners, and customers. You will be able to send and receive email from a branded address like '' and make sure that all of your business communications look professional.
Why you need it
When customers see an email using a free, generic address, like '', they think one thing: not professional. Most businesses use custom email addresses because it reinforces their company brand with every email they send. If you’re a small business trying to stay competitive, you need an email address that builds credibility and keeps you on-par with the biggest brands. It’s time to set up ‘’ email address now.
In today's world with so much of our lives being online both important services such as banking as well personal like facebook. Many of these services are linked to your email address and require you to have access to the registered email for all important changes. When you have your own custom email addresses if some one manages to access your account and hi-jack it, you are fully in charge of resetting passwords when ever you like. Never again be locked out of your own email or lose access to important accounts because some one has hacked your email account.
We offer several choices when it comes to having your own private email only. With these plans you select and register your own domain name then have it hosting only the emails.


  • Disk space1 GB
  • Monthly transfer1 Gb
  • Email Lists5
  • Email boxes5
  • CPanelYES
$ 5.00 P/M


  • Disk space10 GB
  • Monthly transfer5 Gb
  • Email Lists50
  • Email boxes50
  • CPanelYES
$ 15.00 P/M